December 23, 2014

Dear Friends, Followers and Fellow Fundraising Pioneers,

I'm writing to inform you that TapRaise will be ending operations at the end of this year. Our sincere thanks go out to all of you who tried it, shared your time, feedback, insights and enthusiasm and otherwise made it a thoroughly worthwhile and educational venture for us.

We still believe strongly in the product we built over the past year and our vision for its evolution, but ultimately we failed to achieve the momentum we needed in the timeframe we needed to take it to the next stage of growth. We are pleased to see other companies - like ChangeTip, CrowdRise and Tilt - innovating around giving and are excited to see how they progress.

For any of you who with donations via TapRaise that have not yet been paid out, you should be receiving those amounts via PayPal by December 31st. Please email me personally at or reach out to me on Twitter at @bjorn if you have any questions or otherwise want to get in touch.

Thank you again for your interest and support.

Best wishes for a very happy holiday season and new year,

Bjorn Larsen
Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer