Tap. Supported.

Introducing the Dollar Button by TapRaise.
The quickest, easiest way to give and receive donations online.

For givers

One-tap giving.

When you’re signed into one Dollar Button, you’re signed into all of them. Just tap someone’s Dollar Button to give them a dollar, without even leaving the page. Tap again to give another one.

21st-century security.

Your credit/debit card info is stored only on the servers of payment technology experts Balanced – and everything you enter on TapRaise is protected by online banking-level SSL encryption, at all times.

For added safety, signing in happens directly from your email inbox, with no password to be stolen, guessed or hacked.

Payment peace of mind.

Someone accidentally tapped a Dollar Button while you stepped away? No problem. You can cancel any TapRaise donation within 24 hours, no questions asked.

For recipients

One-minute setup.

Enter your name, email, and web site link, then paste the single line of code we give you into your website – that's it! We pay out to the same email address via PayPal.

Gravitational pull.

The Dollar Button isn't just another payment option. It's plug-and-play marketing and design expertise to help you turn passive viewers into paying supporters, to bring in donations from people who may have never even considered giving before. Because giving has never been this easy.

Clear, simple fees.

You get 70% of every dollar brought in by your Dollar Button. What we make after credit card-processing and operating costs goes to constant improvement of our service and the team we need to make that happen.

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